The Right to Remain Toolkit is a unique guide to the UK immigration and asylum system, with actions you can take in support of your claim, or to help someone else.

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Equal before the law?

Government proposes huge court fees increase

The UK government has proposed increasing the fees that need to be paid to appeal an asylum or immigration decision in the First-tier and Upper Tribunal in England and Wales: yet more barriers to accessing justice. Find out what you can do about it.

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immigration bill
The Bill becomes an Act: what’s been won, and what’s been lost

On 12 May 2016, the Immigration Bill 2015-16 received Royal Assent, which means it now becomes the 2016 Immigration Act. In those words, a great deal is bound up. Read our take on it here.

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People power!

Read Catrin's post about our recent workshop on the UK asylum system and taking practical action to support people through: "Translating a complex, pessimistic subject into a comprehensible platform for making a difference".

Solidarity in the UK asylum and immigration system: Yorkshire events

Do you want to know more about how the UK asylum and immigration system works (or doesn’t work!)? Find out more about taking solidarity actions in support of people going through the legal process … Register for our workshops in Sheffield on 7 and 14 June.

Legal Aid residence test found unlawful and discriminatory

In a humiliating ruling in the Supreme Court, the government has yet again been found to be acting unlawfully and with unjustifiable discrimination, this time by planning to introduce a 12 month residence test for legal aid.

divided families
A price-tag on love, a ban masquerading as a rule

Read about the UK's price tag on love for those wishing to sponsor a foreign partner, and the rules that operate in reality as ban for those wishing to sponsor an elderly parent.

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Home Office policy guidance on sexuality asylum claims

In February 2016, the Home Office issued new asylum policy guidance on sexual identity issues in asylum interviews. If someone has had their sexuality-based asylum claim refused and they do not feel the interview was conducted in accordance with guidance, this mismatch may be relevant in challenging the refusal.



Legal updates

Immigration and asylum law explained, in accessible language. This is our blog of legal resources for non-lawyers. With explanation of important legal developments in immigration, asylum and human rights law, and links to further resources. more

Country information

Info and resources for researching country of origin information for asylum applications. more

Detention centres

Details of immigration detention centres in the UK. more


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