The Right to Remain Toolkit is a unique guide to the UK immigration and asylum system, with actions you can take in support of your claim, or to help someone else.


Unlocking Detention is a ‘virtual tour’ of the UK’s immigration detention estate – and of the impact of detention on communities across the UK. Each week, we ‘visit’ another of the UK’s detention centres and we hear from people who have been detained there (and who still are), visitors, NGOs and campaigners, and the families, friends, neighbours and communities affected by this policy.

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These Walls Must fall banner

“We are the people who can change everything”: immigration detention has met its match

Over 70 people attended the first open organising meeting in Manchester of These Walls Must Fall, the community campaign against detention


Signing support: lessons from Manchester

Many people are at risk of being detained at their regular reporting appointments at the Home Office. In Manchester we discussed systems that can be put in place so that if you are detained, people know straight away and start taking action for you. READ MORE

yorkshire solidarity

Sheffield Right to Remain group

It started with a handful of locals organising aid to the refugee camp in Calais. Now a new group has launched, based on Right to Remain’s model of mutual aid and practical solidarity. “It feels really good to be part of something so collaborative, that’s about humanity and solidarity..."

BBC news

Curfews: “Unjustifiable, unnecessary, punitive and unlawful”

Right to Remain speaks to the BBC about raising awareness of the unlawful actions of the Home Office in imposing home curfews following release from detention, and helping people to mount legal challenges.


Protests at trade fair for prison and detention profiteers

The Tower of London has been a tourist attraction for as long as anyone can remember. But on 15 November the infamous tower was back in action, opening its doors to host the European Custody and Detention Summit.

training workshop

Incredulity and anger

Over the last few months, I’ve run several workshops across the UK, engaging communities on the issue of immigration detention and, specifically, the Unlocking Detention project which we (Right to Remain) co-run with Detention Action for the Detention Forum. People were bewildered. When I explained the facts of detention, they were confused, and angry.



New power to remove while human rights appeal is pending

From 1 December 2016, the “out of country” appeals regime is extended. In a power granted by the 2016 Immigration Act, the Home Office can remove someone from the UK even if they are appealing, or plan to appeal, on human rights grounds while the appeal is pending.


Judicial reviews and preventing forced removal

The Home Office published new enforcement instructions and guidance on 31 October 2016 on, among other things, judicial reviews and injunctions. The new guidance limits even further the situations in which judicial review proceedings will lead to the Home Office suspending a forced removal or deportation.


Released but not yet free: the Home Office immigration curfew system

The Home Office’s immigration curfew system has meant people have been detained at home when they would otherwise be free. Ravi Naik, Head of Public Law at ITN Solicitors, writes about the legal challenge in which it was found that the Home Office had no authority to impose curfews.



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Immigration and asylum law explained, in accessible language. This is our blog of legal resources for non-lawyers. With explanation of important legal developments in immigration, asylum and human rights law, and links to further resources. more

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Info and resources for researching country of origin information for asylum applications. more

Detention centres

Details of immigration detention centres in the UK. more


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