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Say NO to borders in schools


From September 2016 parents, guardians and carers in England will be asked to state if their children are foreign nationals. Families can refuse to answer. The UK Government has required childminders, nurseries, schools and colleges to collect country-of-birth and nationality data for children aged between 2 and 19. This policy is unnecessary, divisive and puts […]

From Calais to Croydon: legal information and refugee solidarity


On Monday, we wrote on the blog about our annual gathering in Manchester on 3 September.  The afternoon part of the event included workshops on five different topics. One of these workshops was “Practical solidarity from Calais to UK”, facilitated by representatives of the Refugee Info Bus. Here, Sarah Story of Refugee Info Bus reflects […]

Unlocking Detention at Right to Remain’s annual gathering

broken heart

On Monday on the blog we wrote about our annual gathering in Manchester on 3 September.  The afternoon part of the event included workshops on five different topics. One of these workshops was on Unlocking Detention, run by Ben du Preez of Detention Action.  Here, he rights about the workshop and the upcoming virtual tour […]

Strength in solidarity: Right to Remain’s 2016 annual gathering


“You know when you have a really inspirational day and you can’t wait to do the next thing? Well, the Right to Remain Gathering in Manchester was really inspirational … It’s really fantastic to feel part of such a strong and diverse network” On Saturday 3 September, around 120 people came together at the St […]


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This is a guest blog post by Sanaz Raji, who will be co-running a workshop on this topic at our annual gathering on Saturday.  Five months ago, the Justice4Sanaz campaign launched the #UnisResistBorderControls campaign at SOAS. This urgent campaign brings together grassroots activists and campaigners to oppose widespread abuses against non-EU international students and staff […]

Detention expansion by stealth, at the UK’s unknown sites of injustice


Despite being signed up to a reform agenda that involves reducing immigration detention, this summer the government has quietly expanded bed spaces at Brook House and Tinsley House detention centres, near Gatwick Airport. As Ali McGinley of AVID wrote to for the Detention Forum: In Stephen Shaw’s substantive review of detention earlier this year, it […]

Unlocking Detention 2016: be part of shining a spotlight in the shadows


Every year for the past three years, Right to Remain has helped to run an innovative and participatory social media project that raises awareness of immigration detention in the UK – it’s called Unlocking Detention (or “Unlocked” for short). Unlocking Detention is a ‘virtual tour’ of the UK’s immigration detention estate – and of the […]

Byron burgers: legality, morality, humanity


“[A] kitchen worker said staff at his branch were told the meeting was about “a new hamburger that they were going to start selling”. The Guardian, 28 July This week, Byron burger restaurant has hit the headlines after arranging a fake meeting in order to shop its undocumented workers to the UK Home Office.  35 […]