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Support Laura in her cross-continental swim!

Our management committee member Laura Gibbons will partake in a cross-continental swim next month! Fundraising for Right to Remain’s work, the 4.5km distance makes this an exciting, but extremely difficult, mental and physical challenge. Laura has decided to swim from Europe to Asia! The plan is to swim the Dardanelles, a cross-continental swim across the […]

These Walls Must Fall – A Celebration of Resistance

Under the shadow of Trump’s aggressive policies against people crossing the US border, the rise of xenophobic parties and policies in Europe, and ongoing scandals of Theresa May’s ‘hostile environment’ immigration policies, things often seem bleak. But within this people are also surviving, thriving, celebrating each other. On a recent Saturday, to round out the […]

Ireland grants the right to work for people seeking asylum – but for many it’s still out of reach.

Known as Direct Provision, Ireland’s asylum system has faced severe criticism from the United Nations, local political parties, and – most importantly – from those in the system themselves. Grassroots groups, most notably the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland (MASI), have been campaigning for change for years. They take aim at the lengthy waiting […]

A look at the UK immigration policies splitting up families

The images of children locked up in cages at the US/Mexico border and crying out for their parents shocked the world. Yet in the UK we continue to detain children and our immigration policies also split up families. To find out more, read our piece for the Huffington Post. Britain May Not Lock Crying Children […]

Strategies for Survival, Recipes for Resistance

The Mama choir performing

Migrant Artists Mutual Aid was founded in 2011. They are a cross-national network of women, mothers, migrants, artists, academics and activists who work together to support members of their group who are seeking sanctuary, and campaign for justice in the migration system. (Liverpool Event, 2017) From the beginning they have produced events to raise legal […]

Two #TheseWallsMustFall events in Manchester for Refugee Week

Campaigners with messages outside HOME

Last night saw two great #TheseWallsMustFall events in Manchester for Refugee Week. People engaged in a performance protest raising awareness about detention at HOME, with the help of Virtual Migrants. It highlighted the injustice of immigration detention and was a tribute to the 120 women on hunger strike during March this year. Now @HOME_mcr with […]

Homeless in the Hostile Environment

In this guest post, Aylisha Hogan of Housing4All writes about the group are doing to combat homelessness for people seeking asylum in Belfast. Last week, activists and supporters from the asylum seeker-led Housing4All group held a protest outside the head offices of Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) – the local body with responsibility for social […]

‘Right to rent’ hostile environment policy faces legal challenge

The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) has been given permission by the High Court to bring a legal challenge against the government’s ‘right to rent’ policy. The policy is a key a strand of the Home Office’s notorious ‘hostile environment’, which outsources immigration enforcement to the public, embedding borders in all sorts […]