Volunteer translators needed

Could you use your language skills to help people find sanctuary in the UK? This is a call-out for volunteers to help translate the Right to Remain Toolkit, a user-friendly guide to the UK asylum and immigration system. We are looking to put together a group of volunteers to translate key sections of the Toolkit. […]

Let the light in: ask your MP to back judicial oversight of immigration detention


This week, the government announced the welcome news that they would no longer oppose the new Dubs amendment to the 2015-16 Immigration Bill, which should bring an unspecified number of unaccompanied refugee children from camps in Europe, to sanctuary in the UK. The Guardian reported that Downing Street “could not say how many child refugees […]

Seven actions you can take for refugee and migrant rights


Last night MPs voted against five amendments which represented a little light in an otherwise dark and nasty piece of legislation, the Immigration Bill 2015-16. The amendments concerned unaccompanied children seeking sanctuary, indefinite detention, detention of pregnant women, the rights of overseas domestic workers, and asylum seekers’ right to work. See below for more details. […]

Legal Aid residence test found unlawful and discriminatory

grayling puppet

In a humiliating ruling in the Supreme Court, the government has yet again been found to be acting unlawfully and with unjustifiable discrimination, this time by planning to introduce a 12 month residence test for legal aid. Seven justices of the highest court in the UK unanimously found, after a very short deliberation, that the […]

A price-tag on love, and a ban masquerading as a rule


A guest post by Sonel Mehta, Founding Trustee of BritCits. On 9th July 2012, the government brought in family immigration rules so divisive that the UK’s immigration policy is now the least family friendly in the developed world.  We have a price tag on love for those wishing to sponsor a foreign partner, and block […]