Thanks to a long-fought campaign by Asylum Aid and their Protection Gap advocates (which you can read about here) childcare for the asylum substantive interview is now available at all 8 hubs where substantive asylum interviews take place across the UK. Childcare is available for male and female single parents with children under 5 years old.


Much of the Right to Remain Toolkit is based on people’s direct experience of the asylum and immigration system, and the ideas and actions they have found helpful to navigate the system and survive.

That’s particularly true for the Toolkit section on Preparing in Case of Detention.

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This post looks at applying to stay in the UK based on the length of time you have already spent in the UK. For young people, for people applying under the “ten year route”, and under the 20 years’ long residence rule.

The right to appeal in the UK Not all immigration decisions have the right of appeal in the UK. There is currently only the right of appeal within the UK if the Home Office refuse an application based on: an “international protection” claim (asylum or… Read more »

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Back in April, we wrote about the changes to Indefinite Leave to Remain rules for Turkish nationals. To recap: The Ankara Agreement In 1963, the Turkish European Communities Association Agreement was set up (part of the “Ankara Agreement”) in order to promote trade and economic relations… Read more »

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Last month, the organisation Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) released a briefing on the current situation of post-detention accommodation. Already a problematic area, post-detention accommodation is now a crisis situation following the changes made in January 2018 (which you can read about on our blog… Read more »


At the end of May, the Home Office issued an amended version of their Enforcement Guidance and Instructions. A new section was added to Chapter 60, “Judicial Review and injunctions” in response to a legal challenge by Duncan Lewis Solicitors which argues (the case is… Read more »

Update 30 May 2018 The Guardian newspaper has reported that the Home Secretary Sajid Javid has written to the Home Affairs Select Committee, saying that the use of paragraph 322(5) – see below for more information – will be reviewed and that ” all applications… Read more »

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The Home Office make decisions on asylum claims based on the individual asylum seeker’s testimony and any documentary evidence they submit, as well as information about the situation in that person’s country of origin. The Home Office produce “country policy and information notes” for this… Read more »

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Right to Remain has teamed up with the brilliant Refugee Info Bus (who you can donate to here) to translate some sections of our popular toolkit into six (SIX!) languages. On each of these pages of the online Toolkit, you can find summaries of the… Read more »