lunch is not a luxury

Our friends at NELMA, North East London Migrant Action, are launching a new initiative to help families who are struggling with poverty and missing out on the free school meals safety net.

The Republic of Ireland announced plans for a new “regularisation scheme” to allow certain undocumented migrants to remain in the country legally. The amnesty will be open to anyone who came to Ireland as an international student between January 2005 and December 2010 and is now undocumented.

The Labour Campaign for Free Movement are Labour members and supporters campaigning to defend and extend the free movement of people and migrants’ rights.

They are currently selling great t-shirts and tote bags with to raise money for their campaign, and are kindly donating half the proceeds to us!

These Walls Must Fall is an initiative to build local campaigns to challenge the use of immigration detention in the UK.

People are pushing the campaign through their community groups, voluntary organisations, charities, trade unions, activist groups, faith communities, student societies, sports clubs… the list keeps growing!

Phill and Tienga

In the latest in the series, our Management Committee member Phill Wilcox writes about the worsening situation of legal aid in the immigration and asylum system, and how that impacts the sort of society we all live in.

Step inside a phone booth to listen to voice messages from people in UK immigration detention centres. Send messages back and forth over 6 days. Meet others in Bristol who want to learn about detention and discuss how we can end it.

placard with the words - act with humanity

Since Serco announced they will evict 300 asylum seekers from their homes, Glasgow has been rocked by unprecedented protest, direct action, hunger strikes, and legal actions.

the group outside

‘Feel like you don’t belong’ ‘Useless’ ‘Unsafe’ ‘No trust’ ‘Devalued’ ‘Criminal’ ‘Not a human being’. ‘Feel like you don’t belong’. Brighter Futures, a group of young Londoners, talk about the use of the word “illegal” to describe people.

civil rights march with banner

Asylum seekers and migrants in Northern Ireland today face a host of curtailments to their rights. Many of these rights are the same as those which were at the crux of the Civil Rights movement 50 years ago.

father and daughter at home

Six Syrian refugee families living in Belfast under the UK’s Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme have spoken out about the substandard housing conditions and recurrent incidents of racism they are experiencing.