Have you experienced immigration detention? RtR can help with submissions to parliamentary inquiry

campaign-detentionThe British Parliament has launched its first-ever inquiry on detention.  The inquiry, jointly led by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Refugees and Migration, will investigate the impact and implications of the use of immigration detention.

This is a chance to speak out on the injustice of the detention system and work together towards the creation of possible alternatives!   This inquiry in itself will not mean the end of detention, but it’s a unique opportunity to tell the people in power how detention has affected you and demand action on detention in the UK.   You may have been detained in the past, you may currently be detained, or you may know someone who has been detained and this has had an effect on you.

As well as organising a ‘local hearing’ to gather evidence to submit to the inquiry, Right to Remain is helping people who have been directly impacted by detention to tell Parliament their views – in the form of written submission before the deadline of  1st of October.

It is very important that both support groups and individuals who have experience of detention, submit written testimonies to explain what detention is really like, the impact it has on individuals, families and communities, and what has to change.

If you would like help with drafting, editing and submitting your testimony about detention, please contact lisa@righttoremain.org.uk straight away!

You may also find this guidance pack for groups useful.  Written by the Detention Forum, it contains information about submitting evidence, supporting others to do so, and holding a local ‘hearing’.

Information from the inquiry about submissions

If writing about your own experience in detention, the written testimonies should include:

  • Your experiences of living in immigration detention, including the context and duration of your stay;
  • The conditions in immigration detention, including your ability to access services such as legal advice, healthcare, pastoral support;
  • Whether there were appropriate mechanisms to deal with any mental, physical or emotional issues you may have experienced prior to or during your time in detention;
  • Any longer-term impacts of detention on you, your family and/or your wider community;
  • Any other information about detention that you would like to share.

As a guideline, submissions should be:

  • In MS Word format with limited use of colour
  • No more than 3000 words
  • Include numbered paragraphs
  • Include information about your organisation

You should be aware that submissions may be published unless exemption is requested. If an organisation or person request that their evidence be published anonymously it will be published but without naming the submitter (ie, under the title ‘anonymous’).

To submit evidence

You can email your written submissions to jonathan.featonby@parliament.uk or you can post your written submissions to Detention Inquiry, Office of Sarah Teather MP, House of Commons, Westminster, SW1A 0AA.

For more information on the inquiry and updates see the inquiry website.

“Have you experienced immigration detention? RtR can help with submissions to parliamentary inquiry”

  1. Dee Taft

    I would very much be interested in submitting some evidence for the report. can someone please notify me or send me a copy as soon as guidance pack written by the Detention Forum is ready so I can ensure my evidencu are follows the guidelines you are looking for.

    Thanking you all in advance for your hard work on this issue.

    Dee Taft


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