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New development in Chagos Islanders 50-year fight for justice

Fifty years after they were expelled from their home by the British government to make way for a US military base, the children of the Chagos Islanders are being caught up in the UK’s hostile immigration system. A private members bill will today get its second reading in the House of Commons. It addresses a […]

Brighton & Hove and Cambridge City Councils say: These Walls Must Fall!

Brighton & Hove and Cambridge City Councils have just joined Manchester in passing These Walls Must Fall motions to condemn indefinite immigration detention and committing to action to build the movement to end the practice. In a sign of growing movement against detention, both motions were passed unanimously. Following discussions with Cambridge’s city of sanctuary […]

Support Opelo and Florence Kgari

Opelo Kgari and her mother have lived in the UK for 14 years – since Opelo was just 13. For almost three months they’ve been detained at Yarl’s Wood detention centre, uncertain of their future. Please sign and share this petition calling for their freedom. Opelo took a leading role in the month long #HungerForFreedom […]

Government in major U-turn on hostile environment educational policy

In a major U-turn, the government has abandoned its divisive policy of forcing schools to collect pupil nationality and country of birth data. Schools Against Borders for Children, together with parents and teachers, fought a brilliant campaign on- and off-line, and have dealt a blow against the hostile environment. Gracie Bradley, advocacy officer at Liberty […]

Human rights groups publish ‘how-to’ guide to resist the ‘Hostile Environment’

Human rights groups have today published a report laying bare the extent to which the Government’s “hostile environment” policies have infiltrated all areas of UK life. Liberty’s Gracie Bradley tells us about how the guide gives the public, parliamentarians and civil servants advice on how to bring these policies down.   In 2010, the newly-elected […]

Homelessness, exploitation, failure: The price of May’s anti-migrant project

‘Theresa May’s hostile environment has meant a lack of basic rights for human beings in precarious situations.’ We wrote for about the government’s “right to rent” policy causing homelessness, discrimination and exploitation. The standard operating procedure of the May government is to outsource immigration enforcement to the public, embedding borders in all sorts of […]

Migrant workers win victory for better wages at the Daily Mail!

strike cancelled poster

Claudia Turbet-Delof, Petros Elia and Paul Salgado of the independent union United Voices of the World tell us about how migrant workers at the Daily Mail offices have won a historic victory in the face of threats and retaliation from their bosses. ‘History has shown us time and again the dangers of demonising foreigners and […]

Hunger For Freedom: surround Yarl’s Wood on 24 March

people arm in arm at Yarl's Wood

A collective of grassroots groups is mobilising for a rally outside Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre on Saturday 24 March, in solidarity with the #HungerForFreedom strikers inside. Hundreds of people will surround the notorious detention centre in Bedfordshire, calling for the place to be closed, the people to be released and for an end to […]