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‘Feel like you don’t belong’ ‘Useless’ ‘Unsafe’ ‘No trust’ ‘Devalued’ ‘Criminal’ ‘Not a human being’. ‘Feel like you don’t belong’. Brighter Futures, a group of young Londoners, talk about the use of the word “illegal” to describe people.

civil rights march with banner

Asylum seekers and migrants in Northern Ireland today face a host of curtailments to their rights. Many of these rights are the same as those which were at the crux of the Civil Rights movement 50 years ago.

father and daughter at home

Six Syrian refugee families living in Belfast under the UK’s Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme have spoken out about the substandard housing conditions and recurrent incidents of racism they are experiencing.

A brave act of civil disobedience, gone viral. In Britain, there is a rich history of resistance to forced deportations, of groups, communities and individuals taking direct action like Erin Errson did.

Cinatown protest

“We are not the silent community anymore! We have our own voice!” Chinatown, one of the busiest parts of central London, was shut down yesterday for five hours. Many shops had bi-lingual posters explaining that they were on strike, in protest against ‘heavy handed raids’,… Read more »

In the first of a new series, our Management Committee member Laura Gibbons writes about her role as a visitor with people detained in Manchester, how she got involved with Right to Remain, and her upcoming fundraising swim from Europe to Asia! I have an… Read more »

The right to appeal in the UK Not all immigration decisions have the right of appeal in the UK. There is currently only the right of appeal within the UK if the Home Office refuse an application based on: an “international protection” claim (asylum or… Read more »

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Back in April, we wrote about the changes to Indefinite Leave to Remain rules for Turkish nationals. To recap: The Ankara Agreement In 1963, the Turkish European Communities Association Agreement was set up (part of the “Ankara Agreement”) in order to promote trade and economic relations… Read more »

Detention centre walkway

Last month, the organisation Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) released a briefing on the current situation of post-detention accommodation. Already a problematic area, post-detention accommodation is now a crisis situation following the changes made in January 2018 (which you can read about on our blog… Read more »

Our management committee member Laura Gibbons will partake in a cross-continental swim next month! Fundraising for Right to Remain’s work, the 4.5km distance makes this an exciting, but extremely difficult, mental and physical challenge. Laura has decided to swim from Europe to Asia! The plan… Read more »