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Enforced removal contracts: the abusive end-point of a broken immigration system

NCADC welcomes today’s report  from the Home Affairs Select Committee, which raises concerns that the potentially lethal ‘head-down’ restraint technique is used during enforced removals, that racist language is used by escort staff, that there are too many escorts used in operations, and that risk assessments focus on the risk to escort staff rather the […]

The human and financial costs of charter flights

£42million bill to get remove failed asylum seekers: How taxpayer funding for secretive flights has QUADRUPLED in past seven years Graham Smith, The Daily Mail 29 December 2011 The Government has spent £42million on secretive flights to send failed asylum seekers back home, it was revealed today. British taxpayers are forking out a staggering £500,000 […]

2011 news review

Theresa May and a kitten

January The year began with cracks appearing in the government’s plan to dramatically reduce immigration by 2015 and reports of violence towards detainees by UKBA. Evidence mounts against aim to slash immigration by 2015 Migrants’ Rights Network, 26 January 2011 This week, government ministers seemed to shy away from supporting its increasingly doomed objective of […]

Official lying in the UK: what child detention reveals about how we are governed

This week, OpenDemocracy presents a disturbing new dossier by the award-winning author Clare Sambrook — Official lying and how it harms our democracy. OpenDemocracy founder Anthony Barnett reflects on the impact of Clare Sambrook’s coverage of child detention, and the citizens’ campaign End Child Detention Now. “…in the intense, relentless process of exposing the scandal […]

Border hostilities: Passport to the media-policy merry-go-round

You have most probably heard about the latest scandal at the Home Office. Basically it was about a pilot scheme to replace the blanket checks on passports of people visiting the UK with a more targeted approach, and whether the Home Secretary knew the extent to which this was being implemented by her Border Force […]

Foreign National Prisoners: an easy media target

Last week saw the publication of John Vine’s report on how the UK Border Agency ‘manage’ foreign national prisoners.  The UKBA’s Independent Chief Inspector commented on the improvement in UKBA’s monitoring of foreign national prisoners (following the 2006 ‘foreign prisoners fiasco‘), but has some clear criticisms of UKBA’s decision making, particularly in the “disparity” between […]

Asylum seekers and Europe: the Conservative government's pet hates

The Immigration Minister, Damien Green, yesterday announced that the UK will not be opting into the the two EU asylum directives. This will hardly come as a surprise from a government not known for its cosiness with Europe, and seemingly determined to issue new hate-speech against immigrants on a daily basis, but the justifications given […]

Refugees prevented from lodging asylum claims in UK

Lunar House in Croydon The Guardian reports today on a strongly worded letter from the Law Society to the UK Border Agency and the UN refugee agency, protesting the broken system that is stopping refugees from submitting claims for asylum. The letter, sent to the head of the Asylum Screening Unit (ASU) and the United […]