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Child Detention in Sussex and the Health and Safety of Beech Trees

Today the Mid Sussex Council voted to approve the planning of the UKBA’s latest children detention facility 14 to 1. Around 30 protestors met outside the Council building playing music, holding banners and handing out information to those attending the meeting. Three objectors were permitted to present arguments against the detention centre during the meeting […]

44 day hunger strike ends in Greece

Blogging around the campaigns – NCADC volunteers explore some of the latest issue affecting migrant rights 14 March 2011 David Shortland, NCADC Campaigns Volunteer Three hundred Greek hunger striking migrants (Guardian)  have been vindicated. On the 13th of March, a statement was released by the hunger strikers: “The struggle is complete. With the documents in […]

Barnardo's to help run new family detention centre

Children’s charity Barnardo’s have been contracted by the Home Office as a service provider at the new families detention centre at Pease Pottage, Sussex. The secure “pre-departure accommodation” is widely seen as detention re-packaged, and Barnardo’s role in the centre – which could see over 6,000 children a year detained – is controversial. Chief Executive […]

"Fortress Europe": One step forward, two steps back

Blogging around the campaigns – NCADC volunteers explore some of the latest issue affecting migrant rights 8 March 2011 Milena Tmava, NCADC Campaigns Volunteer The European Agency for Fundamental Rights has today published a new report describing the situation at the EU’s external land border between Greece and Turkey as a fundamental rights emergency. People, […]

Legal aid cuts: Excluding migrants from justice

On 16 December 2010, the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) published a briefing paper about the impact of the proposed legal aid cuts in the field of immigration. The legal aid cuts proposed by the ministry of justice, which remove most immigration cases from the scope of all legal help and advice, will have a […]

Five years of denial – detention of children

For years, the UK government has knowingly harmed between 1,000 and 2,000 children of asylum-seekers a year, sending dawn hit squads to raid family homes, to search children in their beds and lock them up (sometimes for weeks and months) in places known to harm their mental and physical health. All in the name of […]

Phil Woolas ejected from Parliament

The High Court has ruled that Labour’s shadow immigration minister, Phil Woolas, is guilty of knowingly making false statements about his opponent in the 2010 election campaign. He has been ejected from Parliament, fined £5000, barred from office for three years, and has been suspended from the Labour Party. He becomes the first politician in 99 years […]

Driven to desperate measures – the realities of Fortress Europe

The racism that kills The recent death of Jimmy Mubenga adds to the grim statistic of those who have died as a result of the UK’s brutal immigration laws. Harmit Athwal of Institute for Race Relations writes at the Guardian website on the launch of the new IRR report, Driven to Desperate Measures: 2006-2010, which documents […]

Deportation deaths

Jimmy Mubenga died this week aboard the British Airways BA77 flight to Uganda while being restrained by G4S security guards using ‘excessive force’ according to one witness. Jimmy, a devoted husband and father of five children, is the not the first, and will not be the last migrant to die at the hands the European […]

No return, no release, no reason

The indefinite immigration detention of migrants who cannot be deported is ineffective, inefficient and enormously damaging, according to a new report, “No Return No Release No Reason: Challenging Indefinite Detention”, by London Detainee Support Group. Only one in three people held in immigration detention for over a year are eventually deported, according to LDSG’s research. […]