Right to Remain opposes all immigration detention, for everyone.  Whilst we campaign for an end to all detention, a time-limit on detention is a crucial first-step. The UK is the only country in Europe without a time-limit on detention.  Migrants can be imprisoned indefinitely, solely… Read more »

Aderonke Apata is a Nigerian activist – an activist for LGBT rights, asylum rights, human rights.  Aderonke is a lesbian, which means her life would be in danger if she were forced to return to Nigeria.  For this reason, Aderonke claimed asylum in the UK,… Read more »

Last week, the National Union of Students (NUS) released a report responding to the Home Office’s accusations of fraud in the English language tests, which the NUS believes has directly affected over 12,000 students. The report was necessitated by, as NUS’s legal representatives Bindmans describes… Read more »

snowy Liverpool

On 15 January we reported that the UK Home Office had announced a change in procedures for lodging further submissions on asylum and human rights applications, after a refusal of an asylum claim. All further submissions were now to be made in person, in Liverpool,… Read more »

By Alexa Sidor, Right to Remain volunteer. Irregular migration is hard to quantify, as by definition it is not officially recorded.  Irregular migrants are people who owing to unauthorised entry, breach of a condition of entry, or the expiry of his or her visa, lack… Read more »

Are you for Justice?

No justice system is truly fair unless everyone is able to fight for their rights. But through cuts to legal aid, the government has removed a cornerstone of our society, cutting all but the richest off from our courts. Right to Remain is part of… Read more »


“When I go to sign on, on a weekly basis, I know anything can happen.  They can just detain me at any minute, at any time.  I started to feel, I feel like my strength just draining out my body … it’s my judgement day… Read more »

This is a post by Louis MacWilliam from the law firm Bindman’s blog.  You can see the original post here.  It provides a helpful background to the Detained Fast Track and a clear explanation of Detention Action’s successful challenges to the unfairness of the system… Read more »

Dr Abood

Nadar Abood is a doctor, from Sudan.  Her story is remarkable – one of courage and determination.  Dr Abood has supplied medicine to civilians in desperate need in Darfur, where hundreds of thousands of people are lacking humanitarian assistance because of the blockade imposed by… Read more »

The UK Home Office has announced a change in procedures for submitting further submissions on asylum and human rights applications. All submissions will now have to be made in person, in Liverpool. UPDATE: Following a legal challenge, the introduction of this new process has been… Read more »