It’s difficult enough understanding a court judgment in your own case or for someone you know, and understanding important case law is even tricker.  Other case law – country guidance cases, or important cases that set out the right procedure or application of legal principles or policies… Read more »

Press release, 7 May 2014  Once again, detainees at Campsfield are on hunger strike. The hunger strike began this morning (7th May) with the simple demand to close all immigration detention centres in the United Kingdom.  Detainees believe their detention is a breach of their human… Read more »

Written by Evelina Gambino, Right to Remain volunteer. In the recent months a number of strong campaigns for the right to remain have been coming out from all parts of the UK. The people involved are different, so are their lives stories, but they are united… Read more »

See photos from the Harmondsworth solidarity demo. On Friday (2 May) over 150 detainees in Harmondsworth migration prison occupied the main courtyard in a sit down protest and began a mass hunger strike. On Monday (5 May) supporters held solidarity noise demos outside Harmondsworth and simultaneously at Dungavel… Read more »

Published 6 May 2014 The recent increase of immigration raids has shaken migrant communities across the whole country. However, people are fighting back.  The Anti-Raids Network is committed to support people during migration raids, providing information about their rights and monitoring the work of Home… Read more »

Launch event, Manchester Friday 16 May 2014 at the Lesbian and Gay Foundation, 5 Richmond St, Manchester, M1 3HF 12-4pm: Training: working together to win the right to remain 4-6pm: Launch event – Right to Remain evening social Both events are free, but booking is… Read more »

NCADC has a new name … Right to Remain: campaigning for migration justice As you may know, at our last AGM our members voted to change our name to better reflect the work we do, (and for a name that is much easier to say!).… Read more »

With government cuts to legal aid and the many obstacles to obtaining good-quality, free legal advice, it is more important than ever that non-lawyers understand the asylum and immigration system, and people seeking right to remain understand their own case. While there is no replacement… Read more »

We support campaigning for the right to remain because it works: it can overcome the barriers to justice, and win the right to remain; and it can produce other benefits for the individual and the wider community too. Individuals’ campaigns for the right to remain… Read more »


Xenophobic Immigration Bill The new Immigration Bill, described by one politician as “the most racist piece of legislation that this country has witnessed since the 1960s… aimed at setting up a regime of harassment for migrants”, will affect international students more than any other group… Read more »