At a meeting organised by Legal Action for Women in London on Saturday, representatives from groups all across the UK came together to share how things are in their locality, and to plan what we can all to do fight the racist immigration bill, the… Read more »

The Free Movement blog has very useful updates and commentary on asylum and immigration law.  While not solely for the use of lawyers, some of the posts may be less accessible to people without a legal background. You can find simplified summaries of key Free… Read more »

The Migrant Children’s Project promotes the rights of migrant, asylum-seeking and refugee children and young people and works to ensure that they receive the protection and support they need.  They provide one-to-one advice through an advice line and outreach advice work, a range of free… Read more »

Have your say on the Immigration Bill >> On 22 October, the new Immigration Bill had its second reading in the House of Commons.  At this stage of a new bill, MPs are given the opportunity to debate the general principles and, afterwards to oppose… Read more »

Post from After 18.   In summer 2013 After18 hosted a theatre production of Mazloom on the Leicester leg of a national tour. Mazloom is a portrait of Asef, a young Afghan who in the claustrophobic environment of his London flat recalls the dangerous journey… Read more »

  Lisa Matthews (campaigns coordinator, NCADC) explains to Amina Taylor,  Press TV journalist, the many abuses and injustices of enforcement in the UK’s asylum and immigration system. Ranging from a broken asylum system, the securitisation of the asylum system, cuts to legal aid, and imprisoning… Read more »

This guest blog post is written by Robert Swinfen, a member of the Management Committee of Right to Remain. He has been closely involved in a few campaigns for the right to remain, including a successful campaign to prevent a transfer under the Dublin II… Read more »

Described variously as “ugly, divisive politics” (Sarah Teather MP), a “valuable tool for racist landlords” (Maurice Mcleod), “meandering popularism” (John Harris) and “immigration policy that has lost even any semblance of correlation with reality” (Dave Stamp of ASIRT), there’s a lot to digest (or spit… Read more »

The NCADC Annual General Meeting on Saturday was the most significant meeting since the coalition was founded in 1995. Following consultations earlier in the year, members voted to change the name of the organisation, and to amend the constitution to apply for charitable status. We… Read more »

With investigations into sexual abuse at Yarl’s Wood ongoing, a campaign has been launched to stop deportations from the detention centre. Migrant Artists Mutual Aid, Liverpool, have launched a campaign to cancel the deportation of one of their members, Amina, who is detained in Yarl’s… Read more »