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“We are the people who can change everything”: immigration detention has met its match

Our double-bill of Manchester detention workshops seemed to, inadvertently, involve very inauspicious timings.  Our first workshop in the series, on preparing in case of immigration detention, was on the day that local activist Dianne Ngoza was detained at Dallas Court (the Home Office reporting centre in Salford).  Dianne is very well connected and an active member of […]

Signing support: lessons from Manchester

Yesterday on the blog, we wrote about the importance of preparing in case of being detained, and the different things you can think about and get ready in case the worst happens to you.  One of the most important aspects of this is having a system in place so that if you are detained, people […]

Preparing in case of detention

Detention generally happens very suddenly.  That’s why it’s so important to be prepared. Our Toolkit contains important information about preparing in case of detention, and we’ve been taking this information out on tour, running workshops across the UK, and hearing from groups who use these methods, on how it works best in practice, and challenges […]

Stand-off with prison profiteers at the Tower of London

By Marienna Pope-Weidemann, communications coordinator, Right to Remain   The Tower of London has been a tourist attraction for as long as anyone can remember. But on 15 November the infamous tower was back in action, opening its doors to host the European Custody and Detention Summit. Despite the talk of progressive reform, the £1,500 […]

“It was like I’ve been blind for years, and now I can see”

By Lisa Matthews, Coordinator at Right to Remain. The last few weeks has been a flurry of workshops.  Some of these have been on understanding the asylum/immigration process (based on our Toolkit, a unique guide to navigating the legal process and taking action for the right to remain), such as the session last week with Rene […]

“Unjustifiable, unnecessary, punitive and unlawful”: we speak to the BBC about immigration curfews

Back in May, we shared the news that the Home Office had been routinely imposing curfews (after someone obtained release from immigration detention) without any power to do so, making the action unlawful. We helped people subject to these unlawful curfews access the legal representation they needed to have the curfews lifted, and to possibly […]

Ripples of support to form a tidal wave of solidarity

A guest post from our friends MaMA in Liverpool, ahead of their Transmutable Voices event on 12 November. There are not a lot of creative collectives whose works offers both beautiful  justice-based narratives to audiences, and has a tested method for transforming the root cause injustices in legal, governmental and social systems! When we started […]

Reimagining violence: Hannah Arendt and the bureaucratisation of life in immigration detention

This guest post by Amanda Schmid-Scott, PhD Researcher at the University of Exeter, asks: what might a re-imagining of violence reveal about the lived experience of immigration detention? This post is part of the Unlocking Detention project, which runs until 18 December. Immigration detention is defined as an administrative measure, one strategy amongst a multitude […]

Right to Remain group launches in Sheffield

By Marienna Pope-Weidemann, communications coordinator, Right to Remain It started with just a handful of locals, as these things often do. Like many international volunteers, Fran, who has been organising supply runs to Calais over the past year with her Unite Community branch, is turning her attention to the home front: Fortress Britain, where so many people risk […]