Submission Guidelines

Right to Remain regularly commissions external material for our blog and we also accept external submissions. If you would like to share a story or write for us, please review the submission guidelines below and send an email introducing yourself and your idea to our communications coordinator, Marienna Pope-Weidemann, at

You don’t have to be a writer or an expert to share your stories and we can provide support for first-time and foreign language writers. If you prefer, you can put yourself forwards to give a telephone interview, make a video or just let us know about an issue you think we should be covering on our blog. We are also keen to provide a platform to amplify voices from minoritised groups, particularly members of migrant and refugee communities, women, LGBTQ+ and writers of colour.

We also promise to do everything in our power to protect your identity if you have a story to share but wish to remain anonymous. 

What do we publish?

Personal stories: reflections from experts by experience on how you or your loved ones have been affected by the immigration and asylum system. When submitting personal stories, writers are welcome to write under a pseudonym and we will protect your anonymity – just let us know in your email if you have privacy concerns and we will discuss them with you

Opinion pieces: on migration justice and related social justice issues. We are particularly interested in issues like immigration detention, destitution, human rights and the hostile environment of border enforcement in housing, public services and other areas of everyday life

News & analysis: of issues related to asylum, immigration and racism in the UK, Europe and internationally

Movement reporting: from people involved in groups or community projects that campaign for migration justice or provide support and solidarity to migrants and asylum seekers in their community. This can be to share best practice and inspire others, stimulate debate or raise awareness about your work or upcoming events

Creative writing: poetry and short stories that articulate and help people understand the experiences of migrants and asylum seekers

Legal updates: those with legal or other academic expertise are also invited to propose submissions on important legal and policy updates affecting migrants and asylum seekers

General Guidelines

Due to our limited resources we are unable to pay for submissions, however we can provide dedicated editorial support for new storytellers to become confident and effective bloggers. We will always endeavour to respond to your email but cannot guarantee that we will publish your piece. We also reserve the right not to publish material which contradicts our values.

The Right to Remain website is an educational resource for people going through the immigration and asylum process as well as those who support them. We want all our blogs to be written in accessible language, using hyperlinks to reference additional research and not assuming prior knowledge of the subject.

We are also looking to develop multimedia content on the website so if you would prefer to submit an audio podcast, video or offer to give an interview with our communications coordinator, please let us know.

Sending your submission

To submit a proposal, please email and tell us:

  • What your story is about
  • What kind of story it is (personal, legal update, etc.)
  • Who you are and why you want to write this story
  • Your opinion on the chosen topic
  • Your contact details
  • Whether you are a first-time writer, would like support developing your idea or help with written English
  • How much time you will need to write and submit a draft
  • Whether you can provide one or two photographs to illustrate your story