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The Home Office make decisions on asylum claims based on the individual asylum seeker’s testimony and any documentary evidence they submit, as well as information about the situation in that person’s country of origin. The Home Office produce “country policy and information notes” for this… Read more »

The Home Office’s statistics on asylum decisions show that for the 302 decisions made on Afghan asylum claims between April and June 2017, 100 resulted in the granting of refugee status; 4 in the granting of humanitarian protection; 2 grants of discretionary leave; 44 ‘other grants’;… Read more »

Endorsed and peer-reviewed by the Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC) and the Dutch Council for Refugees, Asylos has compiled a new COI research report on the situation of young male ‘Westernised’ returnees to Kabul, Afghanistan. This report was compiled to meet an increased demand by legal representatives… Read more »

As LGBT History Month draws to a close, it seems timely to review the progress – and lack of it – in the treatment of asylum claims in the UK on the basis of sexuality. Asylum claims based on sexual identity first came under recognised refugee… Read more »

A guest blog post by Emily Bowerman, Programmes Manager at Refugee Support Network. Image: Emily Bowerman (RSN) “Everything has been difficult since I have arrived in Afghanistan. The overall security, my own problem and enmity. It is mostly hard because I have lived these many… Read more »

Refused asylum seekers with removal directions for the charter flight to Afghanistan on 26 August 2015 should seek immediate legal advice, following the order made by Lord Justice Clarke in solicitors Duncan Lewis’ recent legal action. The Court of Appeal has granted the lawyers permission… Read more »

A report from Saturday’s demo against deportations to Afghanistan, outside the Afghan Parliament in Kabul.  From our friends at the Kabul blog, ‘Stop Deportations to Afghanistan’. On 9th November 2013 dozens of deportees and the families of those affected by deportations gathered in front of… Read more »

This article appeared in Open Democracy (50:50) on 24 June 2013. Each year around 400 children forced by war to leave their families and homes in Afghanistan seek sanctuary in the UK. Lisa Matthews writes for Young People Seeking Safety Week on the young adults… Read more »

Well, immigration control, according to UK Immigration Minsister Phil Woolas. In a quite bizarre statement, Woolas told MP that a benefit of the war in Afghanistan is to keep asylum seekers out of Europe: “An argument that is not aired strongly enough in my view is… Read more »