Our 2017 annual gathering: caring communities and beautiful futures

On 10 September, Right to Remain held its annual gathering in Liverpool.  We were joined by groups and individuals from across the UK, to share information, learning, inspiration and hopes and fears for the year ahead. This year, groups from Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle and Gateshead, Sunderland, Hartlepool, London, Bristol, Nottingham, Coventry, Brighton, Sheffield and more […]

Right to Remain annual gathering: Liverpool, 9 September

Join Right to Remain at our 2017 annual national gathering, where we will be bringing together brilliant people from across the UK to share ideas, challenges and opportunities and plan how we can be strong and successful in the year ahead. This is a chance to meet many of the asylum and migrant support groups […]

From Calais to Croydon: legal information and refugee solidarity

On Monday, we wrote on the blog about our annual gathering in Manchester on 3 September.  The afternoon part of the event included workshops on five different topics. One of these workshops was “Practical solidarity from Calais to UK”, facilitated by representatives of the Refugee Info Bus. Here, Sarah Story of Refugee Info Bus reflects […]

Strength in solidarity: Right to Remain’s 2016 annual gathering

“You know when you have a really inspirational day and you can’t wait to do the next thing? Well, the Right to Remain Gathering in Manchester was really inspirational … It’s really fantastic to feel part of such a strong and diverse network” On Saturday 3 September, around 120 people came together at the St […]

Our 2015 national conference: a day of determination

“It always seems to be your annual conference”, one of my friends commented recently as conference-organising anxiety started to spill over in the days leading up to the big event.  This year’s conference – the second as ‘Right to Remain’ but the twentieth as an organisation – was going to be bigger than ever.  And, […]

Mobile Solidarities – the Right to Remain Conference

This article was written by Yasmin Gunaratnam for the Mapping Immigration Controversy project. Over a hundred people filled the small community hall that hosted the Right to Remain (RtR) conference in Bethnal Green on the 6th September. Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle and Slough were some of the areas that I managed to note down […]