The right to appeal in the UK Not all immigration decisions have the right of appeal in the UK. There is currently only the right of appeal within the UK if the Home Office refuse an application based on: an “international protection” claim (asylum or… Read more »


At the end of May, the Home Office issued an amended version of their Enforcement Guidance and Instructions. A new section was added to Chapter 60, “Judicial Review and injunctions” in response to a legal challenge by Duncan Lewis Solicitors which argues (the case is… Read more »

Important new research investigates the intersection of family life and immigration enforcement for mixed-immigration status couples in the UK. The research explores the juggling of immigration precariousness and family life, and the impact of immigration status insecurity and enforcement on whole families, including children and… Read more »

Last week, campaigners successfully prevented the forced removal of Samim Bigzad from the UK on a Turkish Airways flight – Samim was being sent against his will to Afghanistan, where he would be in extreme danger. As the Independent reported: Campaigners travelled to Heathrow Airport… Read more »

[Trigger warning: rape, domestic violence] In 2014 it was revealed that in some parts of the UK, a quarter of rapes reported to police are not even recorded as crimes. Of the cases that do make it to court, as few as 1 in 30… Read more »

Last night, activists blockaded Stansted Airport to stop the departure of the scheduled charter flight mass deportation to Nigeria and Ghana.  At the time of writing, the blockade continues and the charter flight has not departed.  Why have activists taken such a drastic action? Charter… Read more »

An impassioned and powerful debate on detention took place amongst MPs at Westminster Hall on Tuesday. The debate followed harrowing reports that emerged from Brook House last week, of a detainee resisting charter flight removal who was gassed and beaten by G4S guards. The story… Read more »

Two weeks of coordinated international action against mass charter flight removals was marred by violence in Lagos, Nigeria when military police attacked and subsequently detained two people protesting outside the British High commission on 11th January. Meanwhile, protests have continued across London and the UK,… Read more »

Following on from their brilliant 2013 report,  “Collective Expulsion: the case against mass deportation charter flights”, Corporate Watch have produced a new factsheet to provide updating information on the mass deportations carried out by the UK government. “Mass deportations on chartered aircraft are only one… Read more »

Bail Immigration for Detainees have published online their new factsheet on appealing deportations.  This is information about a deportation as opposed to forced/administrative removal.  This usually applies to foreign nationals who have completed a criminal sentence in the UK. Since the relevant part of the… Read more »