There has been a new development in this situation. Read the July 2018 update here. The Ankara Agreement In 1963, the Turkish European Communities Association Agreement was set up (part of the “Ankara Agreement”) in order to promote trade and economic relations between Turkey and the… Read more »

By Alice Lucas @RefugeeData Alice is the Senior Programme Officer at the Refugee Rights Data Project (RRDP), which is dedicated to documenting human rights violations against refugees and displaced people.  The humanitarian crisis unfolding in Europe has received sporadic attention by the press and is characterised by… Read more »

Since the Brexit referendum we have, not surprisingly, been contacted by lots of people asking about the situation for European nationals and their families. It’s been a difficult question to answer because there’s still so much uncertainty about what the legal situation will be after… Read more »

By Marienna Pope-Weidemann, communications coordinator, Right to Remain @MariennaPW The Brexit chronicles began in shambles and false promises and no doubt the ending will be similar. There’s an undeniable air of surrealism about the whole thing, as evidenced by last week’s quiet revelation that the… Read more »

By Marienna Pope-Weidemann, communications coordinator, Right to Remain @MariennaPW Click here to read the article in full EXTRACT: Coming home, it’s strange trying to figure out where you used to fit in. Media headlines about immigration stop being abstract and become about people we know. Apathy… Read more »

Steve Peers is Professor of EU Law & Human Rights Law at the University of Essex. On the EU Law Analysis Blog, he has posted an article on two recent developments which have raised controversy as regards the EU’s Dublin III Regulation, the set of… Read more »

A ruling from the European Court of Justice in November 2013 has divided lawyers and campaigners: was it a positive judgement for the rights of LGBTI asylum seekers, or not? European Court of Justice The European Court of Justice European Court of Justice (officially called… Read more »

Blogging around the campaigns – NCADC volunteers explore some of the latest issue affecting migrant rights 8 March 2011 Milena Tmava, NCADC Campaigns Volunteer The European Agency for Fundamental Rights has today published a new report describing the situation at the EU’s external land border… Read more »