Amid Europe’s deafening silence on human rights abuses, we’re here to speak out

By Alice Lucas @RefugeeData Alice is the Senior Programme Officer at the Refugee Rights Data Project (RRDP), which is dedicated to documenting human rights violations against refugees and displaced people.  The humanitarian crisis unfolding in Europe has received sporadic attention by the press and is characterised by a stark absence of larger organisations, governments and UN agencies […]

Torture & Tyranny in Europe’s ‘Safe Third Country’

by Ann Hannah, Director of Policy and Advocacy, Freedom from Torture @avh16 ‏ The recent referendum in Turkey will significantly alter its political landscape and it is vital that torture does not play a part in shaping that landscape. Last summer’s attempted coup was a shocking reminder of the fragility of Turkey’s democracy and it highlighted to […]

Mapping Dystopia: The Hidden Shame of Fortress Europe

By Marienna Pope-Weidemann, communications coordinator, Right to Remain @MariennaPW The Brexit chronicles began in shambles and false promises and no doubt the ending will be similar. There’s an undeniable air of surrealism about the whole thing, as evidenced by last week’s quiet revelation that the government has allocated £500 million to re-design the British passport […]

Refugee Solidarity Summit – Open the Borders Now!

Written by Michael Collins, coordinator at Right to Remain. On Saturday, I attended the Refugee Solidarity Summit: Open the Borders Now! event in London, organised by London2Calais – one of the groups organising convoys of aid from the UK to Calais, to help people who are living in terrible conditions, halted at the French-UK border, […]

International Migrants Day – No one is illegal!

Image: Adapted from original artwork by Cesar Maxit INTERNATIONAL MIGRANTS’ DAY: STOP USING THE TERM ‘ILLEGAL MIGRANT’! Right to Remain has joined with the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM) in a campaign to drop the term “illegal migrant”. Because the term is inaccurate, dangerous, discriminatory, offensive. Because no one is illegal. Check […]

No to the wall of shame in Calais!

Message from Migreurop. Read the original article at Migreurop website Is France going to have its very own Ceuta and Melilla in Calais, 12 years after the closure of the Sangatte refugee camp? The growing number of migrants who have been in the Calais area for a few months is leading our rulers to take […]

‘Deterrents’, denial and desperation

By Lisa The UK government’s announcement about rescue operations in the Med shows a stubborn refusal to examine the bigger picture. It was with a sick feeling in my stomach that I read of the Foreign Office announcing that the UK will not support any future search and rescue operations to prevent migrants and refugees […]

Berlin: refugee roof-top protest

Roof-top protesters

Refugees have taken to the rooftop of an abandoned school building in Berlin to protest the attempt to evict them from their home.  As police surrounded the school, some of protesters declared they would jump if police entered the building. The former school has been occupied by around 200 refugees since 2012, after hundreds of refugees protested the […]