First of the huge court fee increases come into force

It may not surprise you to learn that, following a public consultation over the proposed hike in immigration and asylum court fees during which lawyers, NGOs and the public warned the government the fees would severely impede access to justice and threaten the rule of law, the goverment is introducing said increase as of today, […]

Legal Aid residence test found unlawful and discriminatory

grayling puppet

In a humiliating ruling in the Supreme Court, the government has yet again been found to be acting unlawfully and with unjustifiable discrimination, this time by planning to introduce a 12 month residence test for legal aid. Seven justices of the highest court in the UK unanimously found, after a very short deliberation, that the […]

Legal aid cuts deny thousands of vulnerable children justice

cut off from justice

New research from The Children’s Society has revealed the extent to which vulnerable children have been hit by the legal aid cuts. The report – Cut Off From Justice – has found that many young people are now attempting to navigate the complex immigration legal system alone, having to represent themselves in immigration tribunals. Others […]

Are you for justice? Join the campaign to save Legal Aid (video)

Are you for Justice?

No justice system is truly fair unless everyone is able to fight for their rights. But through cuts to legal aid, the government has removed a cornerstone of our society, cutting all but the richest off from our courts. Right to Remain is part of the Justice Alliance, an alliance of legal organisations, charities, community […]

Residence Test found to be unlawful by High Court

 By Jacqueline Farmer, Right to Remain volunteer. Great news!  This week, a timely and scathing judgment  by a rare three-judge Divisional Court in PLP v Secretary of State for Justice, ruled that the atrocious “residence test” is unlawful.  Lord Justice Moses led the judgment, finding that it was not within the Justice Secretary’s power to introduce […]