Our dear friend Aderonke Apata has FINALLY been granted refugee status, after years of fighting for justice.  All along the way, she has fought for the rights of others – for asylum rights, for LGBT+ rights, for human rights.  She is a true inspiration. The… Read more »

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In Sheffield every month, Right to Remain runs information sessions with the Early Asylum Support group, to help newly arrived asylum seekers to prepare for the asylum interview. In this short video, Patricia explains why she thinks it’s so important. The interview can be very… Read more »

On 9 March 2017, new Home Office guidance on refugee leave to remain was issued. Previously, people recognised as refugees in the UK were granted five years’ refugee status or humanitarian protection. After this, they were able to apply for permanent settlement (“indefinite leave to… Read more »

In Sheffield this month, Right to Remain and a new local volunteer group, Early Asylum Support, ran the second in our new programme of information sessions for newly-arrived asylum seekers. The sessions are focused on the crucial first steps of the legal process, and in… Read more »

[Trigger warning: rape, domestic violence] In 2014 it was revealed that in some parts of the UK, a quarter of rapes reported to police are not even recorded as crimes. Of the cases that do make it to court, as few as 1 in 30… Read more »

On Wednesday morning (22 February 2017), there were a lot of people waiting anxiously for news. People who hadn’t slept all night. People who should have been sleeping because it was the middle of the night in the country they are in. A lot of… Read more »

Back in May, we shared the news that the Home Office had been routinely imposing curfews (after someone obtained release from immigration detention) without any power to do so, making the action unlawful. We helped people subject to these unlawful curfews access the legal representation… Read more »

It may not surprise you to learn that, following a public consultation over the proposed hike in immigration and asylum court fees during which lawyers, NGOs and the public warned the government the fees would severely impede access to justice and threaten the rule of… Read more »

The UK government has proposed increasing the fees that need to be paid to appeal an asylum or immigration decision in the First-tier and Upper Tribunal in England and Wales: “We therefore propose increasing fees in the First-tier Tribunal from £80 to £490 for an… Read more »


This week, the government announced the welcome news that they would no longer oppose the new Dubs amendment to the 2015-16 Immigration Bill, which should bring an unspecified number of unaccompanied refugee children from camps in Europe, to sanctuary in the UK. The Guardian reported… Read more »