Our dear friend Aderonke Apata has FINALLY been granted refugee status, after years of fighting for justice.  All along the way, she has fought for the rights of others – for asylum rights, for LGBT+ rights, for human rights.  She is a true inspiration. The… Read more »

By Tatiana Garavito @TatGaravito Tatiana Garavito is a migrant’ rights activist and the former director of IRMO and Latin American Women Rights Services, two human rights organisations supporting the Latin American community in the UK. Awarded Young Migrant of the year in 2014, she currently works… Read more »

As LGBT History Month draws to a close, it seems timely to review the progress – and lack of it – in the treatment of asylum claims in the UK on the basis of sexuality. Asylum claims based on sexual identity first came under recognised refugee… Read more »

In February 2015, the Home Office issued new asylum policy guidance on sexual identity issues in asylum interviews. Widespread incidents of Home Office interviewers asking offensive and inappropriate questions to people claiming asylum because of their sexuality have become somewhat notorious.  Paul Dillane has recently… Read more »

This article was written for Unlocking Detention by Nina Held and Karen Smith, volunteers at Lesbian Immigration Support Group in Manchester. This article was originally published by Justice Gap. The UK is the only European country that detains people indefinitely. If you get a prison… Read more »

“Without the support of LISG, I know those women would have been removed”.   Keelin McCarthy, barrister at Lamb Building, was just one of the people singing the praises of the Lesbian Immigration Support Group (LISG) at their fantastic conference on Thursday.  LISG are more than… Read more »


This blog post is based on a talk by Right to Remain at From Silence to Solidarity, Violence to Visibility, Lesbian Immigration Support Group‘s conference in Manchester, July 2015. Campaigning for the right to remain has changed a lot over the last decade, partly because of… Read more »

We had an amazing day today supporting Aderonke Apata as she had her crucial judicial review hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice.  We arrived early (8am) so that we didn’t miss Aderonke entering the court (which actually happened about two hours later) and to… Read more »

Since the landmark 2010 Supreme Court judgment in which it was ruled the Home Office could not tell LGBTI asylum-seekers that they could go back to their country of origin and ‘live discreetly’, the Home Office has shifted its tactics in refusing asylum claims. As… Read more »

In the Guardian newspaper this weekend, it was reported that: “A Ugandan gay rights activist has thwarted an attempt by the South African government to deport him amid fears he would be at risk of imprisonment or death if sent home. Officials dropped their case… Read more »