Earlier today MPs and Peers held a parliamentary meeting on immigration detention, hearing from experts about the hazardous effects of detention, and why urgent and systemic change is needed. Chaired by Paul Blomfield MP and the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Refugees, the meeting… Read more »

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Mabel is waiting to find out if, today, she will finally find freedom. If she will get to see her daughter. If the punitive deprivation of liberty, solely for not having the right immigration papers, will finally end. Release from detention is a big event… Read more »

A new report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Refugees has highlighted serious concerns about the difficulties faced by refugees in settling in the UK. The report, Refugees Welcome?, describes a two-tier system with support for the small number who are brought to Britain… Read more »

An impassioned and powerful debate on detention took place amongst MPs at Westminster Hall on Tuesday. The debate followed harrowing reports that emerged from Brook House last week, of a detainee resisting charter flight removal who was gassed and beaten by G4S guards. The story… Read more »

“This experience of the detention centre eliminated all my self-confidence and made me feel humiliated and like a slave. Even after they let me go, I still was feeling very scared and afraid to leave the house. I could still visualise them and I am… Read more »

By Lisa Matthews, coordinator at Right to Remain. Yesterday (12 May 2016), the Immigration Bill 2015-16 received Royal Assent, which means it now becomes the 2016 Immigration Act. In those words, a great deal is bound up. As we have written previously, the Act involves… Read more »

Last night, in the Immigration Bill debate in the House of Lords, peers voted by 187 to 170 in favour of Lord Ramsbotham’s amendment on immigration detention. If the amendment survives the House of Commons (where the Immigration Bill will go to next), it would… Read more »

Yesterday, the 2015 Immigration Bill reached the report stage, at which proposed amendments were debated and voted on. The Bill Let’s start with something simple. The Bill is not nice. It is a hardening and an extending of the measures designed to create a ‘Hostile… Read more »

“What I’m proposing is a deal – the fewer people there are who wrongly claim asylum in Britain, the more generous we can be in helping the most vulnerable people in the world’s most dangerous places. And my message to the immigration campaigners and human… Read more »

Yesterday, parliament debated immigration detention.  Specifically, the motion: ‘That this House supports the recommendations of the report of the Joint Inquiry by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Refugees and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Migration, The Use of Immigration Detention in the United… Read more »