Amid Europe’s deafening silence on human rights abuses, we’re here to speak out

By Alice Lucas @RefugeeData Alice is the Senior Programme Officer at the Refugee Rights Data Project (RRDP), which is dedicated to documenting human rights violations against refugees and displaced people.  The humanitarian crisis unfolding in Europe has received sporadic attention by the press and is characterised by a stark absence of larger organisations, governments and UN agencies […]

There Is No White Working Class

By Dr. Omar Khan @omaromalleykhan New research reveals how government policy and rhetoric stereotypes and divides poor communities, making life much harder for migrants and asylum-seekers, explains Dr. Omar Khan, director of Runnymede, the UK’s leading independent think tank on race relations and inequality.  “After years when class was ignored, Brexit in the UK and Donald […]

Country Information: unreliable evidence

“totally lacking credibility … an undergraduate would be failed for this sort of thing.” An independent inspector’s report has criticised the use of country information by the UK Home Office in asylum applications. The comments were made in a damning review of the current country information used by the Home Office to make decisions on […]

Legal Aid update: House of Commons votes for Residence Test

When the latest wave of legal aid changes was proposed last year, the residence test was immediately one of the top concerns (see September blog post).  The residence test will predictably have a particularly negative effect on migrants’ access to legal aid. This update on the residence test for Legal Aid, is posted by Right […]

First ever parliamentary inquiry on detention – make your voice heard

A parliamentary inquiry on detention was announced yesterday – the first of its kind. The inquiry is jointly led by the All Party Parliamentary Groups on Refugees and Migration, and marks the first dedicated Parliamentary inquiry into the impact and implications of the use of immigration detention.  The deadline for submissions is 1 October 2014. […]

16 June: national day of protest in support of Syrian refugees

Syrian refugees Calais

By Evelina Gambino, Right to Remain volunteer Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, over 2.5 million refugees have fled Syria, including nearly a million in neighbouring Lebanon, and 6.5 million people have been internally displaced.   A number of reports show that, for many, finding refuge in Europe has been a task even more daunting […]