2017: a year in review

Amid an increasingly difficult situation for migration justice, and progressive politics in general, 2017 has witnessed some inspiring resistance. This year has seen over 70 organisations from across Britain and the north of Ireland call on the Home Secretary to allow refugees to rebuild their lives in peace; migrant workers strike decisive wins in the […]

Our work in communities across the UK

A recent fortnight provides a snapshot of the work Right to Remain does in communities across the UK. Starting in Manchester, we participated in the lively and important discussions around the theme of “Beyond the ‘Good Immigrant’”. Hosted by the Migrant Rights Network, a range of individuals and groups came together to discuss the follies […]

We are recruiting new Management Committee members!

Do you want to be part of the movement for migrant rights in the UK? Do you have the skills and experience to help a small national organisation continue to punch above its weight? Right to Remain is seeking to recruit volunteer board members for our Management Committee. We are looking for people with the […]

Our 2017 annual gathering: caring communities and beautiful futures

On 10 September, Right to Remain held its annual gathering in Liverpool.  We were joined by groups and individuals from across the UK, to share information, learning, inspiration and hopes and fears for the year ahead. This year, groups from Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle and Gateshead, Sunderland, Hartlepool, London, Bristol, Nottingham, Coventry, Brighton, Sheffield and more […]

This is what solidarity sounds like.

Surviving the UK’s asylum/immigration system isn’t easy.  Whether people are granted the right to remain or not, many people are scarred by the experience of trying to establish their rights in a bewildering, isolating and harmful process. We don’t think that people should go through that alone. We believe that with people standing by your […]

Thank you for the music (sorry. had to be done)

Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed by the hatred, fear and division that is being stoked up.  And sometimes you can feel overwhelmed by love, support, and solidarity. I guess we’re in a time of extremes, so such starkly different feelings are not surprising.  Over the last couple of weeks when we have been despairing at […]

Right to Remain group launches in Sheffield

By Marienna Pope-Weidemann, communications coordinator, Right to Remain It started with just a handful of locals, as these things often do. Like many international volunteers, Fran, who has been organising supply runs to Calais over the past year with her Unite Community branch, is turning her attention to the home front: Fortress Britain, where so many people risk […]

Strength in solidarity: Right to Remain’s 2016 annual gathering

“You know when you have a really inspirational day and you can’t wait to do the next thing? Well, the Right to Remain Gathering in Manchester was really inspirational … It’s really fantastic to feel part of such a strong and diverse network” On Saturday 3 September, around 120 people came together at the St […]