Sri Lanka: Fears for those removed by charter flight

The UK Border Agency went ahead with a mass deportation to Sri Lanka this week. Legal challenges delayed the flight, and some people were removed from the plane, but eventually it took off. It is believed that at least 30 of the 50 people given removal directions were onboard. This week, UK charity Freedom From […]

Sri Lanka: Stop the mass deportation

The UK government is planning a mass deportation of around 50 Sri Lankan refugees tomorrow, 28 September, despite strong evidence that this action will put many vulnerable people into danger. The private charter – Flight PVT030 at 15:00 hrs on Wednesday 28th September – follows a similar mass removal in June this year, which caused […]

Sri Lanka deportations: 'UK has Tamil blood on it's hands'

The deportation charter flight to Sri Lanka took off yesterday evening, 16 June, while deliberations were still underway at the High Court. It is understood that one deportee won their injunction, but not until after the flight was in the air. Another flight is scheduled, and British charity Freedom from Torture (formerly the Medical Foundation) […]

Sri Lankans put at risk by UKBA breach of confidentiality

The immigration Barrister who blogs as Free Movement has revealed a serious breach of confidentiality of Sri Lankan refugees scheduled for deportation. Ahead of a planned mass expulsion of Sri Lankans from Britain, the UK Border Agency is allowing Sri Lankan officials to interrogate detainees in the UK about their asylum claims, and is passing […]