Latest post from Right to Remain volunteer, Jacqueline Farmer. Last week we took delight in a tremendous victory for Detention Action as the High Court ruled that the Home Office has been illegally running the Detained Fast Track asylum system.  This is a giant step forward for… Read more »

You have most probably heard about the latest scandal at the Home Office. Basically it was about a pilot scheme to replace the blanket checks on passports of people visiting the UK with a more targeted approach, and whether the Home Secretary knew the extent… Read more »

Theresa May and a kitten

In an ongoing crusade to remove the “universal” bit from the concept of human rights, the Conservative Home Secretary Theresa May  has announced plans to deport more migrants who have completed prison sentences, even if it means breaking up families. But first, a suspect cat… Read more »

The Coalition Government recently announced a cap on immigration of non-european nationals to the UK. For many, this represents the latest in a long line of racist immigration controls – an accusation that the current Home Secretary Theresa May, like her predecessors, has strenuously denied

A new government, a new Home Secretary Theresa May, Tory MP for Maidenhead, has been appointed as the new Home Secretary. It should come as no surprise that May is assessed on the Public Whip website by her voting record as someone who: “believes that… Read more »