Reimagining violence: Hannah Arendt and the bureaucratisation of life in immigration detention

This guest post by Amanda Schmid-Scott, PhD Researcher at the University of Exeter, asks: what might a re-imagining of violence reveal about the lived experience of immigration detention? This post is part of the Unlocking Detention project, which runs until 18 December. Immigration detention is defined as an administrative measure, one strategy amongst a multitude […]

What does detention mean to you?

By Lisa Matthews, Coordinator at Right to Remain Unlocking Detention 2016 starts on Monday, and runs until 18 December.  There are so many ways to get involved (see here), to help shine a spotlight on the grave civil rights abuse that is immigration detention. One of the ways we’re asking people to join the conversation, […]

#Unlocked16 is here!

“I knew nothing about this. I didn’t know about detention” “The first time I found out about detention was when the key turned in the cell door. That was in Harmondsworth, in 2014.” The first person quoted here is a social worker who attended our event on immigration detention in Swansea in July. The second […]

Unlocking Detention at Right to Remain’s annual gathering

On Monday on the blog we wrote about our annual gathering in Manchester on 3 September.  The afternoon part of the event included workshops on five different topics. One of these workshops was on Unlocking Detention, run by Ben du Preez of Detention Action.  Here, he rights about the workshop and the upcoming virtual tour […]

Detention expansion by stealth, at the UK’s unknown sites of injustice

Despite being signed up to a reform agenda that involves reducing immigration detention, this summer the government has quietly expanded bed spaces at Brook House and Tinsley House detention centres, near Gatwick Airport. As Ali McGinley of AVID wrote to for the Detention Forum: In Stephen Shaw’s substantive review of detention earlier this year, it […]

Unlocking Detention 2016: be part of shining a spotlight in the shadows

Every year for the past three years, Right to Remain has helped to run an innovative and participatory social media project that raises awareness of immigration detention in the UK – it’s called Unlocking Detention (or “Unlocked” for short). Unlocking Detention is a ‘virtual tour’ of the UK’s immigration detention estate – and of the […]

Light vs dark, humanity vs inhumanity: Unlocking Detention 2015

This piece, written by Lisa Matthews of Right to Remain, was originally published by Open Democracy 50:50. Life in UK’s indefinite immigration detention regime evokes the ‘barbed wire disease’ experienced by ‘enemy aliens’ interned during the World Wars. We must learn from our past to end detention. 2015 was a significant year for challenging immigration […]

Diary of a Dungavel Detention

This blog post was written for Unlocking Detention by Alison Phipps. Alison is Professor of Languages and Intercultural Studies at the University of Glasgow, and Convener of Glasgow Refugee, Asylum and Migration Network (GRAMNet) and is a member of Right to Remain’s management committee. Friday May 8th 2009 11am: The colleague opposite me was talking […]

“They want us to imprison and deport ourselves”

This post was written for Unlocking Detention by Stuart Crosthwaite, Secretary of the South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG), with thanks to the refugees and asylum seekers quoted here (some names changed) and to John Grayson whose ‘academic activism’ contributed to this article. This post was published as Justice Gap‘s #Unlocked15 article of […]