This is what solidarity sounds like.

Surviving the UK’s asylum/immigration system isn’t easy.  Whether people are granted the right to remain or not, many people are scarred by the experience of trying to establish their rights in a bewildering, isolating and harmful process. We don’t think that people should go through that alone. We believe that with people standing by your […]

I grew up living like a criminal – now I’m finding my voice


by Victory Sanu-Goodness @queenvictoryy Victory Sanu-Goodness arrived in the UK at seven years old. Now 20, she is a writer, radio host, & youth activist. She co-hosts the Hearsay podcast about overcoming the fear of speaking out as an undocumented youth.  No one is illegal. It feels kinda funny saying that now because for a long time I […]

This International Womens Day, imagine a future without detention

Women for Refugee Women has spent over three years researching the condition of asylum-seeking women in the UK and listening to their experiences. Earlier this month they released their annual report: The Way Ahead: an asylum system without detention. For International Women’s Day, we’ve summarised its key findings and honour all women raising their voices […]

“Yarl’s Wood is rightly a place of national concern”: HMIP report

MFJ at Yarl's Wood

Today, HM’s Inspectorate on Prisons has released its report on an unannounced inspection of Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre, covering 13 April – 1 May 2015. The inspection found that in some important areas the treatment and conditions of those held at the centre had deteriorated significantly, the main concerns we had in 2013 had […]

#ShutDownYarlsWood – 8 August 2015

shut it down

On Saturday I joined several hundred people at the Shut Down Yarl’s Wood protest against immigration detention. It was a powerful show of solidarity with the people, mostly women, locked up in the notorious detention centre. It was an emotional day, especially when we were joined by women behind the wire, waving and shouting to […]

“WE WANT FREEDOM”: the women of Yarl’s Wood demand to be heard

Campaign from Black Women’s Rape Action Project and Movement for Justice Update: “The intimidation backfired because Alice is not an isolated individual. Other T-shirt protesters got the news out immediately and within hours the Movement for Justice and other campaigning organisations had circulated it widely and people were phoning Serco and alerting the media. By […]

“I’ve found my place in Manchester” – Lesbian Immigration Support Group’s conference

“Without the support of LISG, I know those women would have been removed”.   Keelin McCarthy, barrister at Lamb Building, was just one of the people singing the praises of the Lesbian Immigration Support Group (LISG) at their fantastic conference on Thursday.  LISG are more than just a support group to its members – “It’s emotional, […]