Morton Hall protest Windows onto Morton Hall: the recent demonstration and the inspection report

The report of an unannounced inspection of Morton Hall detention centre has provided yet more official evidence of the long-lasting harm inflicted by the system, with people locked up without time limit, without hope. And we report on the recent solidarity protest, with voices of people behind the wire.

fence Brutality at Brook House highlights urgency behind this week’s detention debate

An impassioned and powerful debate on detention took place amongst MPs at Westminster Hall on Tuesday. The debate followed harrowing reports that emerged from Brook House last week, of a detainee resisting charter flight removal who was gassed and beaten by G4S guards. The story was a sobering reminder of just how desperately change is needed and just how little progress the government has made.

women Empathy and active listening: liberal pursuit or transformative practice?

Tatiana Garavito: "we must actively listen, be more empathetic towards one another, even when and perhaps especially in confronting all the discrimination we face ... And we must find ways to organise that are truly inclusive and liberating, and which create space not just for others to grow, but for us to do so as well."

Harmondsworth detention centre Detention has no place in a happy, healthy society

“Even after they let me go, I still was feeling very scared and afraid to leave the house.”

Under the Adults at Risk Policy, vulnerable people are still being detained: survivors of torture and sexual violence, people with serious health issues, people with mental health issues, pregnant women.

Reyna living with Trump is teaching us to create, not wait for, the world we want to see

The third instalment of the Still We Dream series, reporting on grassroots migrant rights and racial justice organisers across the United States.

Yarl's Wood This International Womens Day, imagine a future without detention

Women for Refugee Women has released their annual report: The Way Ahead: an asylum system without detention. For International Women’s Day, we’ve summarised its key findings and honour all women raising their voices against immigration detention to say: “these walls must fall!”


rainbow flag Why is the UK telling gay Afghans to go home and pretend to be straight?

In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that the Home Office could no longer refuse refugee status to LGBT+ people on the basis that they could return home and avoid persecution by hiding their sexuality. But new Home Office guidance on Afghanistan appears to contradict this ruling. This blog post explains the current legal and procedural situation.

parent and child Families will still be divided following Supreme Court ruling, but some room for hope

On 22 February, the Supreme Court ruled on the “MM” case, which was challenging the minimum income requirement that British citizens and settled UK residents have to meet in order to sponsor their spouse to join them in the UK, if that spouse is not a national of the European Economic Area.

religion Faith in the system? Claiming asylum on the basis of religion

This blog post highlights some of the many issues faced by people seeking asylum on the basis of their religion/belief, or their lack of it.



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