martha Manchester says: These walls must fall

On Monday 20 February as part of the One Day Without Us national day of migrant solidarity, over 100 people gathered in Manchester's Piccadilly Gardens for two events. The gatherings were organised by Right to Remain with local migrant groups including United For Change and Manchester Migrant Solidarity, under the campaign banner of These Walls Must Fall.

martha Thank you for the music (sorry - had to be done)

We wanted to say an enormous thank you to everyone – to the people who have decided to donate money from ticket sales, music sales, tshirts, books, cakes to our work over the last couple weeks, and to everyone who has spent money on those things, thus supporting our work.

martha Imagine one day without detention centres.

"At 5 am I wake up sat on my bed and staring outside the window looking at the gods, praying that G4S will not come today”. On 20 February, Right to Remain will be standing with thousands of others to defend the rights of migrants, standing up to the hostile environment, and especially to immigration detention.

New Sanctuary The New Sanctuary Movement says we must go big, bold and migrant-led

Grassroots migrant rights and racial justice organisers across USA talk about how they’re building their movements in Trump’s America and tackling racial privilege not just beyond the movement – but to transform it within.

voices Making sure migrant children and young people’s voices are heard

Guest post by Gargie Ahmad, intern at Coram, the children’s rights and advocacy organisation, on their writing competition for young people in care or care leavers.

dreamers Still We Dream: learning from the US migrant rights movement

In the United States there are encouraging signs that the migrants rights movement is learning, mobilising and connecting faster than ever before.


parent and child Families will still be divided following Supreme Court ruling, but some room for hope

On 22 February, the Supreme Court ruled on the “MM” case, which was challenging the minimum income requirement that British citizens and settled UK residents have to meet in order to sponsor their spouse to join them in the UK, if that spouse is not a national of the European Economic Area.

religion Faith in the system? Claiming asylum on the basis of religion

This blog post highlights some of the many issues faced by people seeking asylum on the basis of their religion/belief, or their lack of it.

eritrea Politics before protection: the story of Eritrean asylum seekers in the UK

The front page news in the Guardian last week: “Home Office Eritrea guidance softened to reduce asylum seeker numbers”, will not surprise those who have been following the debacle of Eritrean asylum claims in the UK.



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