Thinking about evidence in family life, rights of the child cases

At one of the training sessions we ran this week with volunteers who are keen to learn more and do more for people seeking the right to remain in the UK – we looked at evidence.  What ‘evidence’ means, in the context of asylum, immigration and human rights cases.  How someone can get this evidence, […]

The asylum interview

This week, we ran our signature training session – with René Cassin – on understanding the asylum and immigration system, the barriers that people face when going through it, and practical actions supporters can take to help people through. The coloured cards in the photo above are problems that we are told about time and again […]

VIDEO: Right to Remain workshop on the UK asylum system

At the recent Refugee Campaigns Day at the University of Glasgow, we ran a workshop on the UK asylum system.  How it works (or doesn’t), the barriers people face as they go through it, and simple practical actions that supporters can take to help people through.  This was all based on our brand new Toolkit. […]

Submitting a fresh claim

Liverpool Capital Building

This is the third and final post in our series on asylum and human rights fresh claims.  The first post in the series looked at what a fresh claim is and on what basis one might be made.  The second post gave guidance on preparing your own fresh claim.  This final post will look at […]

Preparing a fresh claim

This is the second in a series of posts on asylum and human rights fresh claims.  The first post in the series looked at ‘what is a fresh claim?’, the fresh claim legal test, possible fresh claim outcomes, and the basis on which you might make a fresh claim. You might submit evidence to be […]

What is a fresh claim?

One of the aspects of the asylum and immigration system in the UK that we at Right to Remain get asked about most, and around which support groups can do a great deal to help someone going through the legal process, is fresh claims. This post is the first in a series of posts on […]

Entering UK and claiming asylum

Some people claim asylum immediately on arrival at the airport/port of entry in the UK. If you do this, you will have your screening interview at the airport/port. The Home Office believes that everyone should claim asylum at the port of entry, and that if you do not, this means you are less likely to […]

Communicating with your lawyer

Understanding the asylum and immigration system, and your own legal case, is more important than ever. Cuts to legal aid (free, government-funded legal representation) mean that more and more people have no lawyer at all and are forced to navigate this very complicated system without legal representation. Even if you have a lawyer, it’s important […]

Dublin regulations: analysis


Steve Peers is Professor of EU Law & Human Rights Law at the University of Essex. On the EU Law Analysis Blog, he has posted an article on two recent developments which have raised controversy as regards the EU’s Dublin III Regulation, the set of rules which determines in which Member State asylum-seekers must make […]

Risk of human rights violations for asylum seekers returned to Hungary


The Commissioner for Human Rights at the Council of Europe has issued a statement of concern regarding asylum seekers returned to Hungary from other EU states under the Dublin Regulations. “Due to sweeping changes introduced in Hungary in asylum law and practice over recent months, asylum seekers returned there run a considerable risk of being […]