The family returns process

The “family returns process” applies to all families with a dependent child or children (aged under 18) when the family is liable to be removed from the UK if they are categorised by the Home Office as one of the following: an illegal entrant someone who requires leave to enter or remain in the UK but […]

Home Office decisions on asylum claims from Pakistan

According to Home Office statistics from August 2017, 85% of Pakistan asylum claims were refused.  What is the Home Office’s justification for this? Aside from the individual issue of ‘credibility’, meaning that the Home Office don’t believe what you say has happened to you or your family, or what you believe may happen to you […]

Immigration status checks on bank accounts

As further measures of the Hostile Environment (or “Compliance Environment” in the Home Office’s rebranding) come into force, we look at the background to immigration checks on bank accounts, who is affected, and what people should do if they are wrongly told they are not entitled to an account. 2014 and 2016 Immigration Acts Under […]

What do the Home Office say about Afghanistan?

The Home Office’s statistics on asylum decisions show that for the 302 decisions made on Afghan asylum claims between April and June 2017, 100 resulted in the granting of refugee status; 4 in the granting of humanitarian protection; 2 grants of discretionary leave; 44 ‘other grants’; and 152 refusals of Afghan asylum claims. Given the frequent, […]

Afghanistan: Situation of young male ‘Westernised’ returnees to Kabul

young male

Endorsed and peer-reviewed by the Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC) and the Dutch Council for Refugees, Asylos has compiled a new COI research report on the situation of young male ‘Westernised’ returnees to Kabul, Afghanistan. This report was compiled to meet an increased demand by legal representatives who are representing young Afghan asylum seekers in Europe. These […]

Preparing for the asylum interview – from those who have been there

Over the years of working with people going through the asylum and immigration system, we have seen how disastrously unprepared most people are going into their asylum substantive interview. This is one of the reasons we produce the Right to Remain Toolkit, and why we’re working with a new group in Sheffield to help new […]

Refusal of entry to the UK and re-entry bans

Refusals of entry to the UK Under the immigration rules, there are “general grounds” under which an application to enter the UK can be refused. Some of the grounds for refusal are quite vague (for example “failure by a person arriving in the United Kingdom to furnish the Immigration Officer with such information as may […]