Do-It-Yourself fresh asylum and human rights claims

fresh claims video

For people who have been refused asylum, and had their appeal to the Tribunal dismissed, a fresh claim for asylum, with new evidence or new grounds, can be the route to sanctuary, to regularisation of status. There are limits and difficulties in doing this yourself, or helping someone if you are not a lawyer, but […]

Right to Remain launch crowdfunder for essential legal resource

When refugees and other migrants reach the UK, they face a hostile environment. Without help, many will be forcibly sent back to the wars, persecution and misery they have fled. Right to Remain has today launched a crowdfunding appeal to produce a vital guide that can help save lives. The Right to Remain Toolkit is […]

End of the road for Detained Fast-Track

The Supreme Court has refused permission for the government to appeal against the Court of Appeal judgement of 29 July 2015, which found the Detained Fast Track asylum appeal process to be ‘systemically unfair.’ Read our blog post on the story of the legal battle that led to the suspension of the Detained Fast-Track here. […]

Another month, another statement of changes in the Immigration Rules

The Immigration Rules are published by the Home Office and set out the rules which immigration applications have to follow to be successful. They are frequently amended. They have been described as “not subordinate legislation but detailed statements by a minister of the Crown as to how the Crown proposes to exercise its executive power […]

Age Assessments: new guidance and helpful factsheet

Age assessments are carried out if a young person who is seeking asylum has their age disputed,: the young person states they are under 18 years old, and the Home Office or the local authority asked for support (including social services) says they think they are over 18 years old. The young person’s age is […]

The Immigration Bill 2015 and immigration detention

This is the Detention Forum’s briefing for the second reading of the 2015 Immigration Bill, and what it could mean for immigration detention. Summary The Immigration Bill would risk seriously restricting judicial oversight of the Home Office’s powers of immigration detention.  The Bill would abolish the system of ‘bail addresses’ that enables destitute migrants to […]

Immigration Bill 2015: ILPA briefing

immigration bill 2015

This is a briefing from ILPA, the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association. ILPA will be publishing more briefings as the Bill passes through parliament. To keep up to date with the latest news, go the ILPA website and subscribe to receive briefings and information sheets by email. The next stage in the parliamentary process will be […]

Charter flight to Afghanistan: permission to appeal granted


Refused asylum seekers with removal directions for the charter flight to Afghanistan on 26 August 2015 should seek immediate legal advice, following the order made by Lord Justice Clarke in solicitors Duncan Lewis’ recent legal action. The Court of Appeal has granted the lawyers permission to appeal in the case of HN Afghanistan and others […]

Appeals and removals in the detained-fast track system

On 2 July, the Immigration Minister James Brokenshire announced the suspension of the detained-fast track system (which handles certain asylum claims, deemed to be quick and easy to resolve).  Read the story of the legal cases that led to the suspension in our blog post here. In Detention Action’s successful legal cases, the High Court […]