Charter flight to Afghanistan: permission to appeal granted


Refused asylum seekers with removal directions for the charter flight to Afghanistan on 26 August 2015 should seek immediate legal advice, following the order made by Lord Justice Clarke in solicitors Duncan Lewis’ recent legal action. The Court of Appeal has granted the lawyers permission to appeal in the case of HN Afghanistan and others […]

Appeals and removals in the detained-fast track system

On 2 July, the Immigration Minister James Brokenshire announced the suspension of the detained-fast track system (which handles certain asylum claims, deemed to be quick and easy to resolve).  Read the story of the legal cases that led to the suspension in our blog post here. In Detention Action’s successful legal cases, the High Court […]

Impact of DFT suspension

On 2 July 2015, the Immigration Minister James Brokenshire announced he was suspending the Detained Fast-Track system, part of the asylum process.  This was in response to several successful legal challenges.  Read our blogpost on the announcement here. Listen to this handy audio piece by Detention Action, the organisation that successfully challenged the Fast-Track in […]

Returns to DRC: understanding the Home Office guidance and recent case law

In July, the Home Office issued new Country Information and Guidance for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Home Office Country Information and Guidance Country Information and Guidance documents are, according to the Home Office guidance to Home Office decision makers on handling claims from nationals who claim to fear mistreatment on return [to their […]

Country info – LGBTI people in Jamaica

To be granted refugee status in the UK you need to prove that you have a well-founded fear that, if you were returned to your country of origin, you would be persecuted for one of the reasons covered by the Refugee Convention, and that the government/authorities in your country could not protect you from this […]

Change in procedures for further submissions, asylum and human rights claims

Liverpool Capital Building

UPDATE: All further submissions will have to be made in person in Liverpool from 30 March 2015. Following a legal challenge, the new system was deferred, but the Home Office have confirmed they “now intend to proceed from 30 March 2015, following a pause in implementation, during which, we have held further discussions with Liverpool […]

BID factsheet on challenging deportation

Bail Immigration for Detainees have published online their new factsheet on appealing deportations.  This is information about a deportation as opposed to forced/administrative removal.  This usually applies to foreign nationals who have completed a criminal sentence in the UK. Since the relevant part of the 2014 Immigration Act came into force, there is no automatic […]

New country guidance decision on DR Congo due

A new country guidance case on DR Congo is currently being heard in the courts.  The case will look at the risk on return to foreign national offenders, ‘failed’ asylum seekers and “low level sur place political activism”. The hearing began on 2 March 2015 and has been adjourned – more evidence will be heard […]