Legal support, not legal advice

With government cuts to legal aid and the many obstacles to obtaining good-quality, free legal advice, it is more important than ever that non-lawyers understand the asylum and immigration system, and people seeking right to remain understand their own case. While there is no replacement for specialised legal advice, the reality is that more and […]

Criminalisation of homosexuality = persecution?

A ruling from the European Court of Justice in November 2013 has divided lawyers and campaigners: was it a positive judgement for the rights of LGBTI asylum seekers, or not? European Court of Justice The European Court of Justice European Court of Justice (officially called the Court of Justice of the European Union) in Luxembourg […]

Ex-offenders deported to DRC are at risk

A recent article from Free Movement highlights an important legal development for those convicted of a crime and facing deportation (deportation for the ‘public good’ after a criminal conviction, not just administrative removal) to DR Congo. There has been significant decision in the High Court, which the Home Office are appealing at the Court of […]

Summary: Iraq Country Guidance case HF

This is a summary of a 2013 Court of Appeal case about forced removals to Iraq, looking at whether Iraqis removed from the UK could relocate internally to areas of Iraq under the control of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) as opposed to the Government in Baghdad (GOI). Read more about internal relocation in the […]

Summary: Somalia – safe for returns?

The Free Movement blog has very useful updates and commentary on asylum and immigration law.  While not solely for the use of lawyers, some of the posts may be less accessible to people without a legal background. You can find simplified summaries of key Free Movement posts on this resources blog. See below for one […]

Migrant Children’s Project: helpline and legal factsheets

The Migrant Children’s Project promotes the rights of migrant, asylum-seeking and refugee children and young people and works to ensure that they receive the protection and support they need.  They provide one-to-one advice through an advice line and outreach advice work, a range of free resources and online information, and training to practitioners working with […]

Third country cases: Dublin III Regulations compared to Dublin II

This guest blog post is written by Robert Swinfen, a member of the Management Committee of Right to Remain. He has been closely involved in a few campaigns for the right to remain, including a successful campaign to prevent a transfer under the Dublin II regulations. “Dublin” is the term often used to refer to […]

Legal help for stateless people

3 September 2013 The Liverpool Law Clinic is launching a free legal representation service to help people who are stateless to make an application for leave to remain under the new statelessness determination procedure. It doesn’t matter how long the person has been staying in the UK illegally, if they are not recognised as nationals […]