Recent country guidance on Afghanistan

The Home Office make decisions on asylum claims based on the individual asylum seeker’s testimony and any documentary evidence they submit, as well as information about the situation in that person’s country of origin. The Home Office produce “country policy and information notes” for this purpose – you can find them all here. These policy […]

Home Office decisions on asylum claims from Pakistan

According to Home Office statistics from August 2017, 85% of Pakistan asylum claims were refused.  What is the Home Office’s justification for this? Aside from the individual issue of ‘credibility’, meaning that the Home Office don’t believe what you say has happened to you or your family, or what you believe may happen to you […]

New country guidance case on risk on return to Sudan

Thanks to the immigration barrister Colin Yeo of the Free Movement blog for news of this country guidance case being published. Country guidance cases are asylum appeals chosen by the immigration tribunal to give legal guidance for a particular country, or a particular group of people in a particular country. The decisions in these cases […]

Asylum claims: Ethiopia

We are often asked, “Do people get asylum if they are from [x or y country]?” It’s impossible to generalise about how asylum claims will be decided – although the grant rate for some countries is higher than others, each asylum claim should (in theory) be decided on an individual, case-by-case basis.  The decision will […]

Returns to DRC: understanding the Home Office guidance and recent case law

In July, the Home Office issued new Country Information and Guidance for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Home Office Country Information and Guidance Country Information and Guidance documents are, according to the Home Office guidance to Home Office decision makers on handling claims from nationals who claim to fear mistreatment on return [to their […]